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  • Maria Burlando

    Maria Burlando

    JavaScript Full Stack Developer | Web & Graphic Designer | Passionate reader and writer | A bit of a loner sometimes :)

  • Avantika Mehra

    Avantika Mehra

    provide the subjective experience of a young millennial with a passion for epistemology and futurism. more @ subliminal.substack.com

  • Dr Natasha Ratcliffe

    Dr Natasha Ratcliffe

    Research Involvement Manager at Parkinson’s UK

  • Keita Funakawa

    Keita Funakawa

    Tech-Media-Econ. Passionate about next generation tech and how XR, Blockchain, and AI can all work together in a single stack.

  • Dr Beckie Port

    Dr Beckie Port

    Research Communications Manager at @ParkinsonsUK. Ex-researcher in oncology and virology.

  • Jessica Powell

    Jessica Powell

    Technophile, technophobe. Music software start-up founder. Former Google VP. Author, The Big Disruption. Fan of shochu, chocolate, and the absurd.

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